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Now open Saturdays in Lexington and Shelbyville

**COVID-19 all locations are open as of May 4th 2020 to the public**


Thank you so much for your patience while we are all navigating though this tough time. We are excited to announce that all MWM locations will reopen to the public on May 4th. We appreciate your business so much and look forward to purchasing your scrap metal once again. We have implemented some new health protocols for everyone’s benefit. Please read the info below so we can better serve you.

1. Stay socially distance – customers must remain at least 6ft away from one another and from our employees. You will notice caution tape closing off high traffic areas.

2. Max Customer Count – we will allow 5 customers in the yard at one time. Only one person should get out of the vehicle upon the instruction of our employees.

3. Please use good hygiene. Wash hands, use hand sanitizer, cough/sneeze in your elbow, and be clean and courteous at the pay window.

4. Listen to our employee’s instructions and be patient. Communication is key.


Midwest Metals has a very knowledgeable and experienced group of traders buying many grades of aluminum scrap from litho to old sheet, painted siding, MLC, UBC’s, and extrusion. Midwest Metals has a long standing and strong relationship with the major primary consumers and secondary smelters nationwide. We offer physical and futures expertise, as well as offering formula pricing options. Taking positions and using the London Metal Exchange to hedge, has allowed Midwest Metals to become one of the most stable and consistent trading companies in the nation. An important factor in today’s marketplace, is the service of freight hauling. Midwest Metals traffic department is experienced and driven to help our customers with scrap removal. Servicing the customer is the top priority, from excellent pricing to prompt pick up and quick payment. Midwest Metals offers several options of payment terms, including net cash terms. We have an experienced staff working in the accounting department, investigating credit risks and making sure customers are paid in a timely manner.

Industrial scrap is a creation of by-products from trimmings, stampings, mistakes/rejects or unused inventory. Our goal at Midwest Metals is to offer exceptional service of collecting and removing scrap from our customers’ facilities. The experienced team at Midwest Metals evaluates pricing strategies that are the best fit for our customers. We use a full range of formula pricing from sources such as trade publications or market value pricing to help increase revenues for our industrial customer. Also, on limited occasions, Midwest Metals has the opportunity to assist in the sale of unused inventory.

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