About Us

Midwest Metals is a privately owned metal processing and trading company, incorporated in 1985. Midwest Metals hosts a strong team of traders in the area of aluminum scrap. We are a major supplier to aluminum mills of segregated aluminum scrap, mixed low copper scrap, painted siding, litho, and used beverage cans. Midwest Metals also converts scrap aluminum into all grades of low profile RSI.

Along with our trading activities, Midwest Metals owns a warehouse and processing plant at the Louisville location. Here we process all non ferrous scrap such as aluminum, copper, stainless steel and brass. Our industrial roll-off boxes and trailers can be easily located to provide service to all of our customers. Our employees bring an accumulation of expertise to Midwest Metals from their experiences with primary aluminum mills, scrap dealers and industrial companies. Our customers benefit from the experience in hedging, markets and risk analysis that Midwest Metals provides by getting the maximum value for their scrap.